Entering The Modelling Industry

Friday was a very interesting day… Went to London to meet up with a couple of friends, and take part in a volunteer fashion runway for London College Of Fashion. It was a very interesting, yet terrifying experience, I have to say… Most of the day was spent in a room watching people trying on different outfits, spending time just chatting with my friends, and a few other people who were pretty friendly!

The designers I had to work with weren’t exactly the kind of people I was hoping would be there. One was a very unorganised guy who seemed to be very particular in making sure I walk down the runway covering the flaws in his creations… And the other was the textbook example of an egocentric designer, constantly worrying about the blue tinted sunglasses he wanted me to wear, as though I could possibly loose them every ten minutes… I think the epitome of his arrogance came when he walked down the runway last, set off a flare in each hand along the way, and then held his arms out like the reincarnation of Jesus in the very centre of the stage. The word prick doesn’t even begin to explain it! Especially considering the clothes he’d made me wear (don’t really remember what the other models were wearing) seemed quite cheap and tacky.

In other news, I have to say that my two friends who modelled as well looked absolutely amazing in the clothes that their friendlier, more talented designers had created… One such example is the GaGa-esque outfit that my good friend Morgan wore for one of her many designers… In demand much.

There’s a nice picture of the outfit Morgan wore, very Lady GaGa right? The other stuff she had on was very impressive too, and Su too. Very jealous they got decent designers.

A very long day, and it took a lot of energy, even if it was just sitting around (and drinking down a dark alley to calm the nerves of the dress rehearsal) waiting to be fitted! A fun day, something I would definitely do again, but thoroughly exhausting, by the end of the day I was absolutely knackered, think I was in bed for about half ten… And that’s it. So yeah, I’m now a model, and I can smize and walk for sure…

(Original Blogspot Date: Sunday, 27th June 2010)


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  1. I’m sorry. It’s too bad they don’t allow you to rate the designer afterwards or something.

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