G-A-Y Pride

Fresh from watching (500) Days Of Summer (for the 10,00th time) with Rosanna Lord, future housemate, I’ve decided to come to the sweltering heat of the library to write about my weekend in London…

I’ll start out by saying that a Friday night in with your mum coming to visit, getting drunk to the point where you’re singing all the old ‘classics like Cher’s ‘Walking In Memphis’ and Shania Twain’s unbeatably understated ‘I’m Gonna Getcha Good!’, is probably the absolute best way to start a weekend.

After nursing a hangover and walking around Euston with 3 overly excited kids and my mum, Steph Clarke and I decided it was high time for us to get our drink on, and set off for G-A-Y Bar to obtain wristbands for cheap entry that night. As we knew full well, it was the London Pride weekend, although we weren’t prepared at all for the absolutely massive crowd that were between us and the bar entrance… We had to dodge, squeeze and shove our way through the hoards of people before we could even get to the bar to be served, by which time it’d been about 40 minutes since we’d started weaving our way through the people. Finally we got our drinks and wristbands, one spare for Steph’s flatmate, and casually looked around the room at all the diverse people, some of them a little garish, others less so… One person caught my eye, walking about the place looking a little lost and texting on his phone… I really should learn how to start chatting to people, he really was a good looking dude!

Arriving back at the flat, we got showered and ready, then proceeded to dance around like idiots while drinking, and then heading off for the club on the tube, camera in hand, taking silly photos left, right and centre.

I just want to live a normal life?!

The queue outside Heaven was really something, stretching most of the way up the street towards Charing Cross Station, and that was just one side of it… What followed was an interesting queue experience meeting several people, the ones that stuck out being ‘Miss Pinkpussy-Princess’, a drag queen, otherwise known as James, and a friendly girl called Chanelle who bought us all drinks when we got in!

G-A-Y was pretty much what I expected, a mix of the more obvious looking gay people, the finger pointing Kylie/Madonna/Britney/any female artist fanatics, and the more attractive kind of people who weren’t as showy about their sexuality, in my opinion anyway. The music was surprisingly good, although a little on the camp side, which was standard really. It managed to get us all dancing and havign a great time for hours which is what mattered! Eventually though, as is always the case with partying hard, it began to wear us down and we left at the modest time of 4am. Finally, we arrived home, not without having a massive argument about the double standards of different religions and cultures, and fell asleep after laughing about the night we’d had.

The next day was mostly spent recovering from the night, watching tacky, Sunday morning TV and sitting in the park in a park of Angel. One topic that we discussed at length is one that I’ve wondered myself quite a lot.

Why is it that gay men are overly camp, adopt feminine demeanors and dress up in women’s clothing? I know that obviously not ALL gay men are like this, but quite a shocking majority are. Is it a (sub?) conscious effort to make their preference known to people on a day-to-day basis, in the hopes of attracting more men, or is it just the way some people are? My opinion is that it is split, with the majority playing up to it, at least a little bit… I always thought that there were just certain key fashion aspects that were put in place to purposefully reveal sexual preference, i.e. the 80’s moustache, skinny jeans and, most recently, the mushroom cut… I’d really like to know what this is all about, as I personally don’t find any of these style choices attractive myself… But I suppose there’s all sorts of different reasons as to why some men are just camp, or like to portray themselves in such a manner, I’m just left at a loss as to why.

Anyway, that was all I wanted to say with this blog entry; I just felt the need to pose something out there… Now it’s off to bed, but before I go, I’ll post up a French electronic artist named SebastiAn (the capital ‘A’ is intentional), who I’ve recently rediscovered my love for, especially from my last year of 6th Form, 2007-2008.

(Original Blogspot Date: Monday, 5th July 2010)


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