Pinch Punch, First Of The Month

So August is here (stupid American blog site says I wrote this on the 31st), and I haven’t anything since just before the middle of July… I haven’t really been doing anything to be honest, and that’s the main reason that I’ve not written anything. Unless you count copious amounts of Grey’s Anatomy, South Park and How I Met Your Mother to be something fascinating to read about second hand… Didn’t think so.

My main reason to post right now, at 5 in the morning, was to rant about how I had a test shift at Subway, and the fact that they never got back to me after this most epic of failures… I’d call it less of a test shift, and more of an opportunity for the manager to dump her shit onto someone who is too nervous about making a good impression to answer back or correct her on being so rude. MASSIVE BITCH. I’m sure that not many people would know absolutely every intricate detail of how to do a particular job after 2 minutes of walking in there. And yet, I was expected to be a pro employee after being shown the staff room…

Anyway, enough of that, because I don’t want it to get me down, and I’m sure it’s not going to be interesting to read when someone (eventually) follows my blog. And by that, I mean someone who isn’t a friend that’s signed up to Blogspot, ’cause that’s just common etiquette, right?

So I have my house to myself for a week, as my mum and bro have gone on holiday for a week to Spain (shame my passport wasn’t in date eh?), and so I need to entertain myself all this time. Most of it will hopefully consist of writing music reviews for an in development website that I’ve been offered to help out with, which is actually pretty fun! I’m hoping that it helps me in my post University endeavours as well…

Anyway, one thing that I’ve been thinking about is physical attraction, and what difference it can make for one person to another. Is it only this type of attraction that makes your heart jump into your throat? Can physical ever be a decent basis for the foundation of a relationship? I have a lot of questions, and my own answers for these questions…

Personally, I’ve never found myself with butterflies and blushing with anyone who I haven’t found to be very attractive, which can render me looking like an incapably shy school boy talking to their first crush. It’s something I’ve never been able to get over, no matter how much I wish I could… And yet, I also have a fondness of this feeling, as it means that I’m experiencing a really extreme human emotion. When this feeling hits, everyone else completely fades into the background, and there is that one person who you need and desire more than anyone else… It’s a real pain when this is one sided though, but this infatuation, a false sense of love, is usually based solely on a person’s appearance and is, in effect, quite shallow… Have you never considered the possibility that the person is actually very arrogant/cruel/dull/unreasonable/psychotic etc. I actually used this random word generator (, and I tell no lie, I was going to use the first word it came up with as a word to put in there with all the others, and “hung” came up. I think half the people who read this blog, mostly woman I’d presume, would not complain if the person was very hung. And moving on.

I guess to sum up, the obvious answer is that, whether you are attracted to someone physically or not, you should try and set that aside for a time, and get to know the person’s personality. It can be tough not to be starry eyed by a good looking outer shell, but if they’re rotten in the core, it can affect you in ways you’d never even believe…

I personally feel that you need to be attracted to a man/woman to be able to sustain a good relationship, as sex is a big part, and not in a shallow way; you need to want to be physical person. Also, I think that it’s excellent to have such a feeling, and if you act on it and you’re compatible, then great! Just beware you don’t ignore warning signs of a not very nice individual because of a pretty face.

I guess to round this blog post off I’ll post a song, or a song preview to be precise. This is a short snippet of ‘Mirrors’ by Natalia Kills, rumoured to feature Akon in the full version, but we’ll see… I’ve had this on my iPod on repeat for the past week or so; I love the dark, electronic beat and synths, and the lyrics are quite catchy too. I thought this would go hand in hand with my blog, considering mirrors are a quick connotation to reflection and appearance. Anyway, I’mma go dance in my room to Natalia Kills, later to anyone who reads this!

(Original Blogspot Date: Saturday, 31st July 2010)


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