The Long Road Home…

After staying up all night from the absolute agony in my aching arms, I took it upon myself to write another blog post, hoping that it might stimulate my brain enough to tire me out…

After a relatively dull week, being about the 5th in a row, I travelled down to London on Thursday for my friend Suheli Moshahid’s birthday at the 02 Arena. The night started pretty late; we didn’t leave for Inc Club until about half 9… A few Long Island Iced Teas later and we were in the club on the dancefloor, my holding Suheli’s cake and thrusting it around like nobody’s business. Inevitably though, the packaging tore open accidentally, so Morgan Chatten and I saw this as an opportunity. Within 20 minutes, there was about a tenth of the cake on the bar side, completely demolished. The night was a success, although the music was a bit more urban than I would’ve liked, and by the time we left, I was ready to go… A pity that we had to wait for the tube station to start up again. 2 hours later.

This was my last night out while down in the London area, and the rest of my time was spent packing, and dressing up in bin bags, which is obviously a natural exploit to cure boredom. While jamming my suitcase full of all the crap I’d collected over my 2nd year at Hertfordshire, I thought about the theme for my 21st; Tim Burton. Mentally planning my Mad Hatter costume provided me with something to pass the time, not only during my tedious last few days in my house, but will provide me with something to think about and create over Summer! A win/win situation!

Finally, my day spent travelling back to Leeds was an absolute nightmare, I had to drag my suitcase and 3 bags around London, from coach to coach… Not something that went down well with my body. At long last though, with pretty much all of my upper body muscles screaming in pain, I managed to make it back, and am now faced with the task of finding myself a job… I’ll write about that on my blog when and as it comes! Peace out.

(Original Blogspot Date: Tuesday, 13th July 2010)


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